HIS R7 260X iPower IceQ X²


  • Chipset AMD Radeon R7 260X
  • Memory Size 2048 MB
  • Memory Type GDDR5
  • Core Clock 1100 MHz
  • Memory Clock Up to 6.5 Gbps
  • Memory Interface 128 bit
  • Interface PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 3.0)
  • 500W (or greater) power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector recommended
  • 600W power supply (or greater) with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended for AMD CrossFire™ technology.
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Spesifikasi HIS R7 260X iPower IceQ X²

HIS R7 260X iPower IceQ X²

The HIS iPower IceQ X² H260XQM2GD is powered by Radeon R7 260X, the latest AMD GPU designed to take your gaming to the next level. Based on AMD 2nd generation GCN architecture and boasting support for DirectX 11.2, the Radeon R7 260X brings you spectacular graphics in the hottest titles. You can game beyond the confines of a single monitor and embrace the true potential of PC gaming with the ultra-high resolutions of AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology. AMD TrueAudio Technology adds breathtaking reality to game sound, making your games more impressive. A rich set of AMD innovative technologies are included, such as App Acceleration, AMD PowerTune, AMD ZeroCore and AMD HD3D technology. With these technology advancements, you’ll get more than one way to elevate your gaming experience.

  • iPower for More Voltage, More Overclocking
  • IceQ X² – Cooler, Quieter
  • Long Lasting Design: Safer, Last Longer
  • AMD Mantle
  • AMD TrueAudio Technology


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