AMD FX-9590 No Fan

Rp3,700,000 Rp3,375,000

  • Clock speed 4.7 GHz
  • Overclocked clock speed 5.15 GHz (AMD’s product warranty does not cover damage caused by overclocking)
  • Octa core (8 Cores)
  • Memory controller DDR3-1866
  • Support Dual Chanell
  • Architecture x86-64bit
  • L2 cache 8MB
  • L3 cache 8MB
  • TDP 220W
  • Socket AM3+
  • This CPU is only compatible with the selected 990FX motherboards
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Spesifikasi AMD FX-9590 No Fan

AMD FX-9590 Black Edition

 The AMD FX-9590 is the world’s first 5GHz CPU processor with 4.7GHz base frequency and 5GHz turbo frequency. The ground-breaking frequency with eight cores delivers new levels of gaming and multimedia performance for desktop enthusiasts. You can immerse yourself in the most advanced 3D games, and achieve extreme mega-tasking with ease.

Based on the 32nm “Piledriver” architecture, the AMD FX-9590 is fully unlocked for easy overclocking, and paves the way for enthusiasts to enjoy higher CPU speeds and related performance gains*. AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology dynamically optimizes performance across CPU cores, and enables maximum computing for the most intensive workloads.

Dive into pure core performance, and feel and enjoy unmatched multitasking and extreme responsiveness.

  • AMD Turbo CORE Technology
  • New Instruction Capabilities
  • AMD Balanced Smart Cache
  • HyperTransport Technology
  • Integrated DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology
  • This CPU is only compatible with the selected 990FX motherboards.


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